P: Restoration Part 2. DIY Stickers for Frameset

Hi, again guys!

Actually, my project frame has a sad history.

The original paint color scheme was not my taste. so I decided to remove it off.
And I just brought it to the biggest local car respray paint shop.
Painter accepted my frame and he seemed very much confident to do, but the result was…

Yes. Literally, they fucked up my frame.
Plus, the most critical part was that they ruined the original sticker that identified the frame.
I got fully refund and the frame finally got the quality respray but damage stickers remained…
It cannot even buy from elsewhere.

Thankfully I could still recognize most of the letters and shapes in the original sticker.
Well, time to use my skill then.

Firstly I tried to print it and cut but even the laser ink could not stay on the metallic vinyl sticker.
Then I found a solution to make it with 2 layers of vinyl stickers.

As my cutting plotter can manage a minimum 0.1mm cut, I could make it pretty decent quality like the result with a laser printer.

Same procedure for frame stickers.

And gently and carefully applied on the frame.

You may think that I could have bought those brand stickers from the internet like eBay or sticker companies but so far I couldn’t find “the quality” stickers that qualified my desire.

Most of the ordered stickers were cut or printed out based on rough-designed or not so accurate from the logo images that you could find it from each of official bike brand website.
I still haven’t found a quality place even though I spent money quite a lot.
And… end up, I decided to study for those vector editors(Illustrator, Inkscape and etc) and bought the cutting plotter… lol…

If you are having a restoration project and looking for some quality sticker(or stencil sticker for spray the logo), send a message to me. Wish my skill to be your solution. :smiley:

Thank you for reading! :smiley:


Good stuff.

Name of the shitty paint shop would be good so that people can try to steer away.


Some nice puuhastelu right here. You know, you could try silk screening the logos on wet transfer paper if you are not happy with how simple your life is.


wow, good stuff, once more. I could actually be interested in some quality sticker repro as I’m also thinking of repainting a bike of mine. maybe I’ll dm you once the time comes.

can you post more pictures of your moser? the paintjob on it looks real nice

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Thanks! Well, I would say try to avoid those painters who show too much confidence even tho he has never done the bike respray. :sweat_smile:

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Hahhaha thanks m8!

Yeap that’s what I’m thinking of.
And as it’s thinner than a vinyl sticker, the cutting blade might be able to give a cleaner result when it required more detail. :slight_smile:

Yes! Please DM me :slight_smile:
And I’m about to upload a detailed photo soon! :smiley:

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good stuff!

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