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HUOMENNA Night Ride, lähtö klo 20 Pajalta!!

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Ei ole tainnut täällä olla tästä varainkeruutapahtumasta vielä?




tervetuloa kaikki pyöräilijät ja pyörät. olemme menossa kohti hautaa ja sen yli. matkamme kestä n. 16 kilsaa. se on sama minkä rotat vaeltaa idässä. anna korpin lentää.

welcome all cyclers and bikes. this journey takes us to the grave and beyond. our travel lasts approximately 16 kilometers. It’s the same distance what rats wander in the east. let the crow fly.

Goth mood and visuals encouraged!

Poster: @Frankton x @glansandi




Lokakuun Nightride on VELOWEEN, naamiaispyöräily ja jatkobileet Pyöräpajalla, lauantaina 29.10. Pyörien ja Pyöräpajan koristelua klo 16.00 alkaen.
Lähtö klo 18.00.
Jatkobileet pyöräilyn jälkeen.
Bike horror leffa The Spinster!
Paras asu palkitaan!


Nightride in October is VELOWEEN, costume bike ride and after party at the bike kitchen, on Saturday 29.10.
Decorating of bicycles and bike kitchen starts at 16 o’clock.
Nightride starts from bike kitchen at 18 o’clock.
Party contiues after the ride at bike kitchen with DJ OGOPOGO. There will be also open deck!
During the evening there’s going to be also special screening of a bike horror film The Spinster!
We encourage everyone to bring some snacks or drinks for themselves and if you want, also to share.
The best outfit is gonna win a prize!


“The Spinster is a short psychological thriller that follows a vixen bike mechanic who discovers that love is a vicious cycle. It’s a horror film with a feminist and environmental perspective that also captures the spirit of San Francisco bicycle culture.”

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Hei kaikkille, valitettavasti tapahtuma on peruttu. Olemme erittäin pahoillamme!

Hello everyone, we’re very sorry to announce that unfortunately the event is cancelled!



On Thursday 26.01.2023 there’s gonna be monthly night ride, starting klo 19 from paja. Welcome! On the ride we will check out the Turku’s winter-maintenance-priority bicycle paths. After the ride we will have hot cocoa at paja. Bring bicycle lights. The more the merrier. Kaikki tervetuloa!


Tervetuloa talkoisiin! Sunnuntaina 05.02.2023 aloitamme klo 14.00 brunssilla (ota mukaan välipala jaettavaksi, jos haluat) ja jatkamme pajan kuntoon laittamista. Vegaaninen ja gluteeniton Runebergin torttut myös paikalla.

Welcome to communal paja clean-up party! On Sunday 05.02.2023 we start at 14.00 with brunch (bring something small to share if you want) and we continue with getting paja into shape. There’s gonna be also vegan and glutenfree Runeberg’s tarts!


Torstaina 02.02.2023 klo 19.00 on pajakokous (tapahtuu joka kuun ensimmäinen torstai). Tule, jos haluat osallistua pajan toimintaan tai jos sinulla on ideoita mitä haluaisit pajalla tapahtuvan.Tervetuloa!

On Thursday 02.02.2023 at 19.00 o’clock (happens on first Thursday of every month). Come if you want to participate in running paja or if you have ideas about what you’d like to happen at paja. Welcome!

Tiistaina 14.02.2023 klo 19.00 annamme Spinster-elokuvalle toisen mahdollisuuden + lisää Bicycle FIlm Festival elokuvia.

On Tuesday 14.02.2023 klo 19.00 we give the screening of The Spinster movie second chance + we watch more Bicycle Film Festival movies.


Tomorrow comes monthly night ride! We meet at 19 o’clock at paja and short after we ride through streets of Turku in chill search for spring. Welcome! The more the merrier!

Picture sourced> Green Bird: Friday WTF: Bicycle Snow Plows


OH dammit. Super sorry but ride got cancelled for technical reasons.

🔧🥕 PajaPuput just wanna have fun! 🥕🔧

Next Thursday we’re organising classic monthly night ride sparkled up by Bike Kitchen’s birthday party happening afterwards!! Come!

Start klo 19.00 riding into the streets and continuing by klo 21.00 having fun at the buffee, dance floor, open decks or drawing competition! We will be searching for new Bike Kitchen logo!

Theme of the event> PajaPuput a.k.a. Bike Kitchen Bunnies! ⚙️🐇We can’t encourage excitedly enough following the theme when it comes to dress code and bike deco. 🐰🚲🐾

If you’d like to bring birthday presents, we would love to get, for example, toilet paper, hand tissues and other nice utilities.

P.S.> this one is not getting cancelled.

(suomeksi kohta)


Hei, edit! Klo 19 starts party and klo 21 we will go riding! One way or another, best to come at 19! :partying_face:

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It’s last Thursday of the month! Let’s hit the streets. Come to the night ride, start klo 20 from paja. Retti > freestyle. Where to do we want to take each other?

Täänän klo 19 pajakokous! Tervetuloa!

Today from 19 paja meeting! Welcome!