Sputnik coaster

An old soviet 4 gear roadbike I found from a flee market.
It’s fixed up with a new coaster brake back wheel, but the rest is secondhand stuff.
I’ll send in a better photo soon as this was the only reasonable one I had at hand.


You should open sputnik photo album in facebook to everybody to make it visible other than your friends…

yep. facebooks difficult so I just put them on photobucket. Im not that good with computer stufff…
so, here’s better photos. The work I’ve done ffor the bike isnt anything special, but the frame’s really cool even though its only got about half of its paint left:

I have a bike with the same ХВЗ -logo (ХВЗ= Харьковский велосипедский завод=Harkov bike factory) waiting to be worked on. My avatar picture explains why it will need to go single speed.

Harkov is the city where they made the coolest track bikes ever made, the Takhions.


yep, ive seen the bikecult photos.
after seeing the really cool low handlebars I just had to flip over some old cruiser bars just to imitate the takhion ones.

xb3 is a ukranian bicycle factory isnt it?..

oh yeah, ofcourse

^^^ Takhion…YES!

And this is sooo cool too: