P: F.Moser Leader AX Atlanta Olympic 96'


Finally, I’ve completed the project from the last December.

Perhaps the most time-consuming part was the selection of the desired color and find the right place to respray.
(If you have read my previous post, the frame has been to unqualified painter and I had to put myself into the test to check how much patience I am. lol)

The frame has been now successfully painted with powder-coated. And I’m so glad that I could implement the desired color.
(A cherry red candy based, with some scheme of violet depends on the amount of right and angle)

Anyway, I’m glad that I could unveil my Moser here. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reading! :slight_smile:


That red :heart_eyes:

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I’ve been hoping that the year 2021 would be the year of color matched stems. Let this be the first of many.


Kunnon pyssy / Decent weapon 7" split


This makes me speechless. Amazing! :heart:

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quite something indeed!