O: riser 25.4mm x 2, single speed chainring bolts, square taper bottom bracket 107mm JIS

Searching for

two riser bars for 25.4mm clamp

*one with rise of at least 35mm / NEED FuLLFILLED
*one with minimal rise (even straight bar could do)

Width ~640mm or more preferred / steel, alu, carbon ok

Chainring bolts for single chainring

*cvlt of steel preferred NEED FuLLFILLED

Bottom bracket

*square taper 107mm JIS & ISO / NEED FuLFILLED

Pick up from Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo / can compensate delivery!

Mulla on ollu rollerissa un300 käytössä. Ihan kelpo sekin on, jos ei ole reikiä runko täynnä. Stava 6 viikon keskiö, nevö förgäts.

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