O-650c front wheel for Olmo project

Would be very interested if one of you had a 650c wheel to sell at a reasonable cost.
Doesn’t have to be anything special; as a matter of fact something more traditional would be just fine (no need for carbon, disc, or aeropokes)as i’m building up an older Olmo lo-pro.

Cheerio, tobbe


Anyone? Would appreciate a heads-up and I’m sure that someone must have something kicking around

Well, I do. But I have to say, IMHO, its not maybe the sweetest thing for your olmo. Anyway: untrued/-tightened, but laced(3x) 32 h, black shimano basic "road"hub, black dt spokes, maybe comps, maybe champs, cant remember, black nipples, black mavic cxp-33 rim. All parts unused. I could sell it for hum… 85e:s