Myyty: Chrome Kursk Pro Black sneakers EU 42, US 8,5

Postaan kaverin puolesta, yhteystiedot poistettu.
Posting this for a friend, his contact info deleted as the shoes are sold.

Selling urban bike sneakers Chrome shoes size EU 42, US 8 1/2.
The shoes are about 3 weeks old and in very good shape, I have to sell them
since they are sliglty too big for my foot/ summer socks.
This is the clip option model for cycling or walking.
My experience it’s very positive they are great for cycling with of without clip,
the harder soul sustain perfectly the foot and still allows proper walking,
quite waterproof and made of very strong materials and rubber, I wll buy them
again asap half size less .
I have bought them for 95 euros but we can discuss the price after looking at them,
maybe something like 60-70 euros.
Please contact me if you are interested or want to have a look at them,
I work in Forum in downtown Helsinki.