M: CETMA Half Rack

(Jos tarvitsette apua suomeksi, kysy.)

For sale: CETMA Half Rack. Powdercoated version, black.
Suutarilla area.

Manufacturer’s info here.

Used lightly. Paid 120 euros (150 USD), plus ridiculous shipping fees from US. The rack is in very good condition, with a couple of scratches from where the bungie cord attached. Nothing wrong with it, I simply have a new bike with which the rack is not in any way compatible. Holds up to 30 pounds (about 13 kilos).

I’ll go with best offer. It looks pretty much exactly like on the CETMA web page, but if you’d like photos please ask.

chrisryan - 12:26, 26.8.2012 » I'll go with best offer..
Could you set the price please, that's the custom here, no auctions.

Ah, sorry. 85€.


Now just 80 €!

Is this still available

:—D i fucking hope so

fixed gear never die