De rosa Neo Primato / Sram 1X 12 speed mechanical drivetrain

Dear all,

I’m glad to share my recent build with you. :slight_smile:

My new Neo Retro concept, De rosa Neo Primato.

I believe some of you feel friendly with this stem from my previous post.
Also, I created the Super prestige top tube sticker.
That actually came from 70’s De rosa professional and specially commissioned to Eddy Merckx.
But for this project, I swapped the years and inner text with my own meaningful data as a customized sticker.

Here is the cockpit.
The shifter is Sram Rival 1X 11 speed but it has got the 12 speed shift rather which invented by Ratiotechnology.
According to the Classical looking dress code, I ripped off the anodizing on the lever and made a cover with a vinyl sticker for the plastic section between the hood and lever.

The main logo sticker has been made with 3 layers vinly sticker.
As I cannot print out the white color section, the layering stickers came out as a good alternative solution. :slight_smile:
It actually was quite a time-consuming process especially at the drawing part as there weren’t quality 3rd party decals from the internet. most of them are having differences compared to the original logo, especially the Heart shape.
Therefore, I had to combine 2 references; use a photo that has been taken by De rosa owners from worldwide and the 3rd party’s sample.
However, I still believe that the logo hasn’t been 100% original duplicated yet.
The logo will keep be updated.

The chainring is customized in order to be compatible with Campagnolo standard(BCD 135) crank and Sram AXS flattop chain.

The rear derailleur takes a bit of time too.
The original cosmetic condition was horrible.
So I decided to rip off all the paint out of it but the multi-shape on the parts didn’t allow me to take it off quite easily. After removing all ugly paint, I applied the etching process to give a good heart shape as it dedicated to my De rosa. :slight_smile:

The frame actually has a very sad history.
I actually got a scam kind of purchase for this frame.
The seller did not mention the chainstay condition that he actually pinched the chainstay by “Himself” to fit the 28C tires even though the Diamant chainstay is the significant point of the frame.
However, I had good luck finding a master frame builder in Finland and he restored the chainstay quite remarkable. :slight_smile:
So that I could finally restore the Diamant sticker and put it in the right place of the frame.

I also built the wheelset by myself.
The material is TB14 rim with Sapim Laser spokes and Acros nineteen, Novatec hubs.
It was the very first attempt to build a wheelset and I’m quite happy with the result of spoke tension balance that is under 10% of differences. I believe that I would be able to make it another pair of wheels based on my experience during this project. :slight_smile:

The project took around 5months. Even though there were a lot of difficulties and stress and so on. However, It has truly been very much a pleasant time with it.

I don’t know when I could start another project but I will be back in the future. :wink:
If you are interested to have any type of logo stickers, I might be able to help you to have them.

Thank you for your reading!



ahh awesome project. a lot of unorthodox stuff going on, but it’s been executed so meticulously that the end result is very nice

keep them coming


Great stuff! This is kunnon tekemistä.


Amazingly Beautiful Bicicletta Siinä Niin :raised_hands:

True Piece of Art :ok_hand:


What they said.

This is how you post a geared bike on a fixie forum! :smiley:

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my only gripe is the seatpost, but otherwise it’s very well done, very nice.

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Amazing and very unique! Don’t think I’ve seen any retro-modern builds with SRAM components before, looks good :star_struck:

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Love it! Thanks for sharing this with great photos and interesting info about all the small details :slight_smile:

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Got to say that all the effort you’ve put in this have achieved a lovely looking bike. The meticulous attention to detail is leaving me in awe. Hope you’ll ride it like hell too!

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:clap: well isn’t that something!

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I have mixed feelings about this but I have to applaud the work and attention to detail. Never could have I thrown Sram into this build. :slight_smile:


Proper doings indeed!

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