Cycling in Helsinki in this weather


Hey guys, could you tell me if it’s possible (I know its possible, but how convenient is it) to cycle in this weather in Helsinki?
I mean, has the snow been removed from the bicycle pathways and is there any ice on the pathways? It’s a mess in Tallinn, but still doable.

I ride a single speed with summer tires (semislick in the middle, bumpy on the sides). And yeah, I’ll be staying in Helsinki for this semester.

Well it´s of course possible, the snow has been removed in theory but it varies. Though with the semislick tyres it won´t be enjoyable that´s for sure. For example cyclocross tyres would help, spike tyre at least at the front would help even more.

“Cycling in Helsinki in this weather: can be lots of fun, given that you got the right type of equipment”.

Yes, you’ll probably be fine with your bike but there are spots and places which will be challenging. There is nasty ice hidden under the snow in many places, not all streets are cleaned properly and there will be eventually new snowfall etc.

Only good piece of advice I can give is that get good shoes, or shoe covers.
The wind plus the temperature can be quite a combo for the feet some times. But I finished 17 km commute this morning, with CC and stud tires (schwalbe marathon winter) and the roads were very ok.

Thank you all for quick and constructive replies. I’ll definetely bring my bike then. Studded tires seems the rational choice for the winter period.

Is it necessary by the law to have front AND rear light, as well as helmet? In Estonia it’s advisable but not compulsory.
And what about the reflector vest?

Pineapple Force, thanks for the tip but I do wear my footwear according to weather :] Winter boots FTW
or even with the boots the feet will feel cold? Then again, my trip will be only 2-3km long.

Helmet is compulsory but the law does not allow any kind of fine or punishment for not wearing one. Strange.

Front light is compulsory and sometimes the police will stop you and fine you if you don’t have it. Normally they don’t bother.

Don’t worry about reflector vests.

I’d even put the reflector vest if biking in Helsinki. You don’t actually loose anything by wearing it, but it could save your life.


I agree with everything thats been said. Reasonably low tyre pressure is good aswell, depending on the tires you use. Dont forget to pick up a good pair of gloves and perhaps a balaclava or w/e its called. Also, you may want to go with a reasonably low gearing… Just my 2 cents…