What Bike Blogs Do You Follow?

Sorry if this has been covered but searching in Finnish is pretty much impossible for me, if there’s another thread just link me and I’ll delete this.

About a year ago I cleared out my RSS feed to try and free up some time, it was taking forever to trawl through the masses of reposted content from Prolly on all the blogs I was following. So now I pretty much don’t follow any really.

I’d like to start to find some new ones and maybe even some old ones that I may not know about so what are you reading?

And out of interest what kind of stuff do you like/dislike when it comes to blogs? Photo/video heavy content or scene/personal stuff? I’ve always tried to post a bit of everything with as little direct reposting as possible on my site but the landscape of what people wants has changed considerably in the last 5 years.

Also, kind of related and something I’ve wondered about is whether you search for stuff in Google in English, I’m guessing that’s ‘better’ when trying to find products, as an example.


it’s not that an active thread though


it’s because i’m unique.

you go girl

strong & independent

Milanofixed, the radavist and tracko. Pretty much covers all re-blogging.

nalle wheelroos - 18:13, 14.10.2014 » https://www.yksivaihde.net/old/758 it's not that an active thread though