The silver De Rosa has been upgraded


Some of you might remember the silver De Rosa I posted a year ago.

It was nicely completed but I could face some issues soon; the rust issue on the frame surface. Also, the esthetic satisfaction was not full enough as the rear derailleur and cassette were too bulky.

Thankfully Ratio Technology the SRAM 12-speed rachet inventor launched a 2x specified pulley set for Sram mechanical drive train.
The news drove me to make a new plan.

Firstly, I purchased brand new Rival 11-speed front & rear derailleurs and a left shifter.

As soon as the package arrived, I disassembled all components to make a customized silver groupset inspired by Campagnolo’s old-style groupset.

The initial plan was to go with a Campagnolo 5-arm crankset with an 11-speed customised chainring, but I was lucky to find a 3rd party company that manufactured the aluminum crankset which was compatible with the Sram 8 bolt direct chainring system, and I could make a silver polished crank arm for the Sram Red AXS chainring.

Everything went quite smoothly besides the respray for the frame.

It took a total of 3 paintwork attempts that included defective paintwork by 2 different painters, but eventually, the frame got a beautiful coat of powder. Special thanks to the real professional painter who made it out perfectly.

The amount of time that I had to wait was about 2 months.

During the waiting time, I decided to make the final piece of art for the bike, which was to maximize my DIY engraving skill into a seat post and stem.

It was indeed a complicated and time-consuming procedure but in the end, the result was quite meaningful.

And eventually, the frame got all the prepared components and finally reached the moment of great rebirth after a year and several months.

And now the bike is displayed in my workplace, Fillarikauppa Cycli in Vaasa.

If any of you are living around Vaasa, you are more than welcome to visit us. :slight_smile:

I recently re activated my Instagram account for mainly my bike-related projects.
If you would like to see the planned work procedure, check the below ig account!


Thank you for reading!


mad skills/huge respect

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The seatpost and stem!!! :hot_face: :scream: hottt! :heart_on_fire:

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Proper :heart_eyes:

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My godness daaaaaaannnng

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This is amazing

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Do I decerve to be watching this. Proper & whatta hell human!

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My take on all of this is - Vaasa :heart:! Awesome! The scene is bubbling under here/there!

And the bike is pretty nice too. :sunglasses:

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I really enjoy your content. Why dont you post more?

Also, totally unrelated, for the longest time I thought that I was the only Asian bike salesperson in Finland, glad to see I was wrong (or are you a mechanic??)

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Thanks! Oh actually I also thought that I’m probably the only Asian who is working in Bike industry in Finland. :rofl::rofl: i’m working as a mechanic tho! :sweat_smile:


What an absolutely amazing build

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Stunning Work of Art.
Only thing that might take it even further would be having the same kind of engraving on the cranks as on the seatpost and stem… :thinking:
But as mentioned it is already totally stunning, absolutely amazing and beyond all that.

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Damn!!! That’s some beautiful artwork!

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Holy F…K that is stunning.

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Thanks. And believe me I considered that thousand time and even designed the stencils for engraving but I was too afraid that the durability of crankset might be gone down quite dangerously… :slight_smile:

I wish I could test the affection of engraving on crankset in near future.


Voi juma. Great work!

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