STOLEN: red Salcano 28"

Hi all,

My bike was stolen from in front of my apartment in Kulosaari. It’s been short time I moved to Helsinki and this is really bad surprise for me!

It was a metallic red Salcano brand. Please keep an eye out for it around the city and online. I add here a photo, if you see around please call me or pm me here. 040 577 56 59


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Bike stolen, register to fgss forum - Does this mean you are now looking for an fgss bike?

So sorry, I try to delete this but couldn’t yet.

You can’t. It will stay here forever as a reminder of your short excursion to the world of fixedgear wonders. For your next bike, please get a proper u-lock.

Why delete? Someone could well spot it. Not too many Salcanos around, I think…

Well I thought I opened in wrong category.