STOLEN: FOUND - Green Mixte Singlespeed - Vuosaari

[s]My girlfriend’s bike has been stolen from outside Vuosaari Metro station, it was locked to one of the bike racks and I honestly can’t believe that somebody would go to the effort of cutting the lock when there are literally thousands of bikes around Helsinki that you could just pick up and walk off with because they aren’t secured to anything!

Virma Retki mixte frame
Condor singlespeed wheelset
Panaracer Pasela tyres
Charge Bucket saddle

Pedals, grips and brake blocks are now different from the picture.

Pretty please keep an eye out for it around the city and online, if you spot it lock it up and contact me via PM on here.



Dang! So how the hell was it taken? Was the lock or the rack broken?

be sure to follow at least and

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Now you know why not to use the metro.

I’ll keep an eye out. I would recommend adding your phone number to the post, so people can contact you with sightings.

They must have cut the lock, but there’s no sign of the lock either!

I don’t have a Finnish phone number, messages on here are e-mailed straight through to my phone so it’s the same thing really.

For fuck’s sake!


i guess the same dudes stole my bikelight today in vuosaari. Hope u find your bike soon!

Oh crap :frowning: Hope it’s not gone for good - I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

I’ll keep an eye out. Do you have a pic by any chance?

Iikeli - 19:20, 10.10.2014 » Do you have a pic by any chance?
There's one in the fist post.

Ok then. Just not showing up on my phone.

I can’t see it.

This is fucked! Such a beautiful bike.

Picture fixed, looks like Dropbox isn’t a fan of sharing direct photo links!

I really hope we get it back, my poor little lady is distraught!

Well, we’ll keep our eyes open. Good picture and the bike looks quite unique, so hope that increases the chances of finding this.

Anyway, this sucks.

HUGE thanks to ‘Falle’ who found this bike today.

It is now safely back on my balcony and I have one very happy girlfriend.

If you have a couple of minutes you can read about it here…

…if you haven’t then just be happy that this community was able to help :slight_smile:

This is a good day. At least two stolen bikes reportedly found!

Omg muuten hienoa! (Y)