Seized Old Bottom Bracket Cup - HELP

I need to replace the old cottered cranks on my girlfriend’s bike but the driveside BB cup is stuck.

This method of removal seems pretty simple: How To Remove A Stuck Fixed Cup From Bike Bottom Bracket - YouTube

…but I’m having trouble finding a nice thick bolt to use, I think M16 will be best. I have found M16 washers and M16 nuts in Clas Ohlson but they don’t have the bolts, same story with K-Rauta as far as I can tell.

Has anyone in Helsinki used this method and can let me borrow what they used? Or know where I can buy them myself. Or maybe you have another method I could try…


Would you be able get to a bench vice and use the whole frame as a lever.

And are sure about the thread standards?

A vice is the other option but its bolted down in a location that probably won’t allow the frame to rotate.

I’m sure about the thread direction, yeah. It’s just your classic old jerk of a bottom bracket, ha.

Soaked it in crc yet?

Is it ita or french?

Etra sells all kinds of nuts and bolts, have you tried there yet? And Motonet has a good selection also and it sells this stuff: which seems to help my stuck BB breaking loose.

I left it soaking a few hours ago, I’m going to leave it over night.

It’s British thread, if it was Italian or French I’d just throw it in a lake and find a different frame :wink:

Italian isn’t bad usually as almost every 80’s road frame with columbus tubibg has one. French on the pther hand has all kinds of tricks so doesn’t make an easy project :smiley:

done this several times, got tools for it, in Kilo, pm if needed.

After much fighting with this bottom bracket trying to move it clockwise and anti-clockwise using a whole load of different methods it finally budged and came out and is FRENCH!

Weirdly the only movement for the first few hours was saying English over and over again, so annoying!

But now I need a French BB or one of the Velo Orange threadless ones.