Rossin (sneak preview)


To be continued…


Mutta Mavic CXP 25???

Nörtti googlaa heti:

[i]"… When I asked Mavic USA about this rim they denied it saying it was a hoax.

Then I heard from Obiwan at Mavic in France. Here’s what he had to say about them…

During the last 10 years working for Mavic I have only been able to pick up 2 brand new pieces from our old Swiss Mavic exclusive distributor. They are now in our internal museum. Nearly nobody at the factory knows about this product : It is a product that we develop in 1984 and they were on our catalog in 1986 and 1987. The alloy rim was the CX18 rim on which we glue on the Carbon with Polyurethan foam. Beleive it or not : the carbon shape was made in St Trivier only the foam was coming from a subcontractor ! I don’t have the figures but it seems that we should have produced around 3000 pieces."[/i]

Ooooooh. Rare.


selkeesti poolo- / tircktarck -vanteet!


Eihän tuo oo mikään Rossin-R!
Tai no on se vähän. Kuinka vanha?

Juu, ei tosiaan mitkään poolokiekot.
Meinasin tästä rakennella tuollaisen mukavan sunnuntai lenkki kaverin.
Runko on käsittääkseni 80 luvun alkuvuosilta ja aikaan sopivia Campa/Italo osia on nurkissa jonkun verran, että tuollaisen retro kilpurin saan tästä kasattua, vaihteellisen siis.

vvv - 8:03, 26.1.2010 » Juu, ei tosiaan mitkään poolokiekot. -v
oikein hieno Footdown- kiekkosetti! :P