Problems with Deliveries from GLS?

I’m waiting for my five boxes to arrive from the UK, including my three bikes and the GLS website says "Not out for delivery Due to unaccaptable goods”.

I’m going to get my girlfriend to call them later but I was just wondering if anyone has experience of this before? I’m guessing they just want me to pay more money because the boxes are big. If you’ve experienced this and beat the charges let me know how!


So GLS is the delivery company? Contact the store.

GLS handle most large deliveries from the UK when they reach Europe, I’ve had trouble with them before but there’s no avoiding them unfortunately.

I didn’t realise that it’s common here for residents to have to collect parcels from the post office, it’s going to be fun dragging 5 enormous 30kg boxes home, ha!

It’s not a store, he’s moving here. It’s a pretty random scenario and so I’m really doubtful anyone would know something that could not be better sorted by calling them. They most likely will be delivered to your doorstep considering the size of the shipment, but it depends on the delivery option you paid for.

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So let’s recap: You have problem with delivery company and you are asking for help in fixed gear forum(company that propably has nothing to do with bike delivery atleas afaik). Your delivery is not related to bikes at all apparently(judging for the weight of the package).

^ nice recapping man

We are in the aiheen vierestä section so josbanse can eat a dick. :slight_smile:

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Well, this would’ve been the correct thread for this kind of question, but there’s no way of knowing that if you don’t know Finnish. But you could’ve maybe used the original moving to HKI-topic you started?

Came to my mind that why not ask LFGSS as there’s probably more GLS customers?

Sigh. It’s in the off topic category, I know you order bike stuff from the UK and I was under the impression that the members of this forum were nice helpful people.

My question is not about my boxes, it’s about whether anyone here has experience with GLS which is a company not used in the UK. Maybe if you’d listened more during English class you’d have known that.

Should we meet after school for a fight?

i would like to quote someone
“if you do something in this forum it is most likely wrong”

GLS is Posti/Itella/whateva I think… Ask them:

I was in a similar situation a while back. GLS held my parcel which was too large for their system and tried to collect more money from the sender. I e-mailed them a few times, but finally calling them worked. I got my parcel without extra charge. In these situations it’s usually best to be calm and polite but strict.

A few larger international delivery companies seem to use GLS as a subcontractor or something in Finland, so tracking of parcels might not work. I’m guessing there’s a glitch in their system, the company in the sender’s country might accept a parcel too large for GLS and when parcels enter Finland they don’t process it, at least not right away.

Did you finally receive your parcel by the way?

People in the internet are not always nice helpful people.

Sounds like the same situation, first they said they wanted more money then they just started moving again and arrived a few days later. The bike shop I used to work in back in the UK shipped them for me so I won’t know if GLS did charge extra until the monthly invoice arrives and I have to pay!

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