Pöörirando 18-19 June - Viro

Hey northern neighbors! PanePanePane is organizing Pöörirando, a 24h checkpoint race. That isn’t a race. But is a race… The start and finish will be in near Tartu this year, easily accessible by train from Tallinn. Enjoy the south Estonian countryside on the (almost) whitest night of the year.

More details (available also on fb event ):

PÖÖRIRANDO is an adventurous bike race to enjoy the whitest night of the year. You can take it as a leisurely hike or try to rock as many kilometers as possible. Checkpoints are located in the wilderness and on road, which allows you to choose the right bike, course and riding style for you. Each rider will receive a manifest with checkpoints and various tasks to collect points, which means that the winner might not be the one with the most km-s, but the best planner. You can participate alone or with a group (all competing in one race-that isn’t a race).

Home base is located in Rahinge Wakepark (7 km from Tartu Railway Station).

Registration is open at: https://www.panepanepane.ee/registration

50€ (07.03 - 16.05) – early bird rate deadline extended
70€ (11.04 - 12.06)

Pass includes:
Your name at the list
Carefully selected checkpoints
GPS device
Live tracking
Pöörirando 2022 badge
Food at the finish
Sauna at the finish
Beer at the finish

Also, if your appetite for ultra racing extends beyond 24h, we’ve got 2 more events coming up later in the summer (click here for more details):

Lame Maa: a1500km, paved surface race around Estonia, and
Kõkõva: an 800km, unpaved race through the wilderness.


Me and @adrolyne attended last year and it was a blast, strong recommendation! We rode fixed gear as we rode (mostly) together and that was the only way to have similar bikes but that was ok, at least the Tallinn region is very flat. We didn’t aim for competition and our lazy asses stayed at a hotel overnight, but the goal was to ride in new places and have a good time so that was a success. Would be nice to attend this year as well, if it seems possible.


What he said. That day was about the hottest day of summer and no amount of water seemed to hydrate enough. Apart from my pee that was the color of coca cola and had the consistency of fudge, the riding was really nice! Here’s a picture of me applying more chamois cream after a swimbreak.


These testimonials are so wholesome! I’m hoping to convince our gang to embark on a similar fixed gear (brakeless? :thinking: ) adventure next summer :joy:


Hey! Would to have you guys back if the starts align that way!

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Swim break were a must that weekend! I hope you also found a few ice creams…

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Ilmoittauduttu! / Registration in!

Early bird hinnalla vielä tää viikko!


Oooh! Added to my calendar this and the gravel race. Don’t really have any vacation this summer, but we shall see if I can squeeze some races in.

E: Yeah, I’m going to try to make it!

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A ticket has been bought!

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Joo tää


The stars did align so we are back!

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There is feeling of Great Munamägi in the air.

Dots on the map


So annoyed that my knee is still hurting from Dirty Sipoo and had to skip this one. It looks like so much fun!

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ultra pyöräily milloin kognitio palautuu google


Ei oo ainakaa mulle palautunu xD mut oli kyl minttine eventti suosittelen kaikille


Onneks työyhteisö on tukena ja ymmärtää kun saapuu tiistaina duuniin krapulaisen ja valvoneen näköisenä vaikka ainoastaan vähän viikonloppuna pyörällä vedetty ja untakin alla 9 tuntia.


On kyl ollu oloja, eilen taas 10h unta palloon ja silti aamulla akku lähes tyhjä :grin: oli hyvä kokemus mut vähä sama fiilis tulee ku railakkaista dokausjuhlista — ”ei enää ikinä”. Vaits ehkä ens kerralla :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: