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Shimano RSX 8 speed Triple ‘Brifters’

Worked when last used, around 6 years ago but sold as ‘spares and repair.’ Gummed up? Not clicking anyway. There are online guides showing how this can be fixed. Maybe a simple job for someone with the motivation. Otherwise, parts to keep your vintage 8 speed on the road?

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€30 or make me an offer if they’d be useful for you.

Those of a nervous disposition should look away now…

…as I’m about to post Campagnolo in the same post as Shimano (I know, terrible isn’t it. Please don’t take offence, apparently this is how things should done on here)

Campagnolo Centaur 10 speed Front Mech

One of the limit screws is almost rounded otherwise good. See third pic. Priced to reflect that.


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Menen pois pian/Away for a bit soon…so get your ‘orders’ in before Monday :+1: (Up!)

More stuff here :arrow_heading_down:

Shimano FD-5800 Front Mech. One limit screw shows signs of wear. Works 100% - Sold

Pump up your jam with this Beto mini pump (with gauge! :star_struck: ) - €10

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Bring out your inner 90s with this set of purple track wheels…

Flip-flop hub inc cog and freewheel

€70 - collection from Naantali preferred but also have proper wheelbox for shipping via Matkahuolto: Buyer pays.

Do I mention that they’re purple?

Also, in PURPLE, matching track bars and stem (with a free bell!) Stem is 1" 100mm.


Wanna be purpler than Prince? Buy the lot…for €90 collected.

Joo, sinä myos voisit ola näin cool

Purple reign continues…

Bar with shim (how cute is that) It’s still sealed as well




Last stuff for a bit now…

Panaracer Pasela TourGuard 700c x 25mm (with the old school yellow label, albeit under the grime somewhere) Folding bead. Not tonnes of miles on them. Should scrub up nice for the summer (whatever that is, I forget)