Myyty: Tanko + stem + jarrukahvat + gripsit setti, JKL

Hey fellas!
Selling plug-n-play set of 3ttt stem (not sure about exact model), length about 70mm + On-One Mary + 2 Tektro FL750 brake levers + On-One Half Bob lock on grips

Price tag is 50€ for the full set, let’s try to sell it first as a set, if no interest for couple of weeks, then maybe break it apart.
Located in JKL
Handlebar, levers and grips are almost new (in use about 2 weeks) - just didn’t work for me on that bike (still have the same set on my GF’s mixte - works as a charm there)

Bar sold, so grips + set of brake levers to go.
Condition as new.
Lets put 15e tag on levers and 5e on grips.