M: Giro Trans Road Shoes

Giro Trans road shoes
Size 42

Lovingly cared for and apart from scratches on the sole they are in excellent condition with no stretching or marks on the upper. Looking at them from the top you’d think they were new.

Complete with box, three sets of arch supports, paperwork, a set of brand new Look KEO cleats and a perfectly usable used set too.

Nobody? This is the bargain of the century!

too bad finnish fixieskidders mostly wear mtb shoes

except netspider

might be the winter also.

Too small and I’m a Sidi-man

Gotta agree its a bargain, but yksivaihde does not play nice with roadshoes.
If you gotta move your nice roadshoes at the dead of winter, you might have better luck at fillaritori.

zykkeli - 22:58, 21.1.2015 » Too small and I'm a Sidi-man
Free bump and I´m with Judda here.

Look much like SIDIs but they’re not SIDIs.

Is there already some sort of YV discount on Velosport for Sidi’ s then? Dominators with a huge discount when mentioning Yksivaihde? They have never had my size anyway.

Nice looking shoes! Maybe I need to stop by and try them out. If they fit, We’ll be roadshoe buddies with Janoinen while you others here in YV are the fatbikewoodcutterwannabees with your Sidi’s;)

Free bump!

Condition of these are better than on photos. Walking pads are just designed to be lower behind. Sole of these are really stiff! Straps are also much better than on Shimano or Spacialized. Unfortunately the size wasn’t spot on for me. Lenght and widht was just right but on top they were a bit too tight. For some these will be a fast and durable shoes for a long time on saddle!