M/A: Tangot, jarrut, kahvat, gripsit, keula

Hi guys!
Here is a little autumn cleanup from me.
Items are in JKL, preferrably pickup, but if you need something posted - contact me.
If some prices are not right - feel free to correct me.

[li]Cinelli Mod Campione delMondo - free[/] RESERVED[/li][li]Sakae Custom Road Champion - 7€[/] RESERVED[/li][li]Diatech Dirty Harry - 12€ per lever or 20€ for both[/][/li][li]Shimano brake levers (model unknown, almost unused) - 15€ per set[/][/li][li]Suntour BRS EDGE levers (old and trashy, but in working order) - free[/][/li][li]Shimano 600 front brake calipers - 6€ per caliper, 10€ for both[/][/li][li]On-One Mungo + Blkmrkt grips + brake lever + stem - 15€ - handlebar is scratched (quite badly) with stem near the clamp, that’s the reason for this funky cord decoration :-/[/][/li][li]Rossano Aluminium 700c threaded fork, cut to 185mm - 15€, originally red, powdercoated white, done not very accurately, so if you go nitpicking - can find some traces of old color and touch paint, but from 1 meter distance and further looks quite fine[/][/li][li]BBB long multifoam grips (not on photo) - 5€[/*][/li][/ul]