Jobs for an English Speaker in Helsinki

I really really really need a job. I am searching the job sites but in my experience it’s usually much easier to find work just by getting the word out there.

I’m up for pretty much everything that isn’t cleaning or restaurant/bar related. My skills are in photography and e-commerce but I have no formal qualifications, everything I know I taught myself. I have also worked in ‘community development’ teaching adults and kids computer skills.

If you know of absolutely anything or have English speaking friends that could offer some tips or anything like that please let me know because my savings are going down much faster than expected.


*topic is related odk.
I just read that people from the south are moving to Lapland to work for the winter. Picture is related.

Can be useful. IDK.

I could definitely shovel snow but if I move to Lapland I’m going to be one of Santa’s elves, nothing else!

There is usually demand for rooftop snow droppers during the winter, but that might be a few months still at these latitudes.

Last winter there wasn’t a single snow dropping patrol or any other kind of snow worker hired in Tampere :smiley:

try get advantage from your english skills, schools and daycares are constantly looking for teachers who speak native english, pedagogical studies might be needed but i guess it is worth looking for.

I started compiling a list of English language daycares a few days ago, that’s definitely on my list of ‘would love to do’ jobs!

Albatross in Leppävaara.

english tutoring? at least we get spam at work about spoken english lessons by skype video call. our company probably also would pay all the costs from it if we’d just ask…

I suggest you also send an open application to Helsinki University IT dept if you’re into deskside or helpdesk stuff. The money/watt -ratio is great.

Also this:

peltsip - 18:47, 27.10.2014 » english tutoring?
Practically all the postings I saw on the (physical and intertubes) bulletin boards at the uni were dodgy if not downright rapey at best, so I'd there's not that much credible competition.


Does anyone have a good/relevant contact at the uni who I could e-mail? I can’t find a useful e-mail address on the website.

Somebody tell Ty.

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