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i’m looking at moving to Helsinki from June to January this year. Is it worthwhile for me to bring a few bikes over from the UK? I ride downhill and crosscountry, but I’m looking to start alleycat racing here too, if possible.

I’ve been told that decent track frames are hard to find in Finland, many people import from US, UK or Germany. Is this true? What about for DH/freeride and XC bikes?


Hi there,

Welcome. You can get decent track stuff in Finland. The market’s just a bit smaller so sometimes it isn’t worthwhile for shops to stock a wide selection of stuff. DH/FR/XC bikes are no problem, just keep in mind there’s not a whole lot of elevation/mountains so you won’t find world-class DH runs here. There are a couple of bike parks though. ( http://www.bikepark.fi/ http://www.kalpalinna.com/bikepark/eng/index.php ) XC riding is good and quite popular. A bike is the best way to get around in Helsinki, as in most cities, but the winter does make things a bit more difficult…

If for some reason you wouldn’t find something you need in local bike shops, you can obviously order from European webshops.

During the summer, there are alleycat races and other fixed-gear oriented events now and then in Helsinki. And sometimes in the winter too… Fixed gear wednesdays a.k.a. fiksikeskarit every wednesday at 18, check this thread.

P.S. Whereabouts in the UK are you? I’m currently in Bristol myself

And here’s our official English thread about Helsinki

Prices especially for used bikes are way higher and selection smaller in Finland compared to UK, you will probably do well by bringing a fixie to Finland and selling it here when you leave. If you leave.

Wiggle seem to delivery quite cheaply, so i may order a Charge from them. Thank you for the bike park links, they look great. I’ll make sure to visit them. Also, i may have a look at Canyon bikes in Germany, they will deliver here (VERY good bikes too)

Tya- i’m in Sheffield most of the time. Bristol is very nice, if a lot of bike thefts in the area.

If anyone has a bike for sale/ borrow for this summer, please let me know!

You might get charge bikes over here from Best Brakes… please support local bikeshops-the industry is quite harsh compared the conditions (long ass winter) over here.