HELSINKI FIXED (tourist info in English)

This topic offers some information for tourists interested in fixed/single gear stuff

In english from now on.

Wanted topics (at least):
-Bicycle stores (fix & singlespeed)
-Bicycle rentals (same as above)
-Get togethers & other happenings (like “fixiewednesdays” aka keskarit)
-Other. What? I’ll gather information below.

-Kumiluoti (“rubber bullet”) Fleminginkatu 12. Kallio district. Site partly in English.

-Pelago Bicycles Kalevankatu 32. Vallila district. Site in English.

-Pyörähuolto (“bike service”) Meripuistotie 5. Lauttasaari district. Site in Finnish - link goes to “citybikes” catalog.

-Shock Therapy Tilkankatu 2 AL 3 Site in Finnish. (sells at least NS bikes - mostly offroad)

-Greenbike Bulevardi 32. Kamppi district. Site in English. (accessories, service, second hand bikes)

-Ecobike Savilankatu 1 b. Taka-Töölö district. Site in English. (normal citybikes - call to rent: +358400844358)

-Greenbike Bulevardi 32. Kamppi district. Site in English. (city & fold bikes - reservations: +358504040400)

-Kuinoma (“like your own”) p2p-type of service where you can “rent” your stuff to other people in need. Site in finnish (use google translator), but you can contact the service provider (email: kuinoma at kuinoma dot fi) and they will handle your reservation.

How to get there: Journey planner by Helsinki Region Transport.

There’s the Fixed Finland page up there with a map of spots and shops in Helsinki. Still waiting for other cities and ideas here.

I edited the title a bit and made this thread a sticky one to front page.

Nice one. How didn’t I remember that. doh-smiley here

One question I couldn’t answer - Is there any bike rental that rents singlespeeds or fixies? Anyone?

Hey ! Thats me, the french backpacker guy :wink: I have time to kill waiting for my couchsurfer host tonight, so I just found a internet coffee and saw your fucking great message, happily in English, otherwise I had been lost to post a new topic !

So I am from Paris, where the fixie movement is really famous since 4 or 5 years now, I built my first fixie 2 years ago, and I am in Helsinki for a month, thats why I was wondering about the fixie life here.
I really would like to see whats going on in HLK , and maybe in other cities of Finland ( I will also travel to Sweden next month, I ll try to find the fixie life in Stockholm, but thats another subject !)

Anyway, I am also looking for someone with a fucking nice bike, because theres a photograph contest hapening in Paris, you can contact me by mail before 4th july
If the pic is good enough, we can win a prize and get published in Fixe magazine !

If you want more details, you can look at THE french fixie website .

Vive le pignon fixe, et vive Helsinki !

There are so many fixies flying around Helsinki nowadays, it’s not even cool to have one. Ok, I made a joke. But seriously, the scene is buzzing…You can’t miss it.

Be sure to check out our city bike concept - it’s almost as cool as the Vélib’.

There’s something going on every wednesday, at the moment there’s a lot of polo being played but also just hanging out and drinking beer.

Here’s the link to the swedish fixed gear forum, bet you’ll get a hold of someone from Stockholm there: FIXEDGEAR.SE - Index page

Jii - 5:08, 1.7.2010 » There's something going on every wednesday, at the moment there's a lot of polo being played but also just hanging out and drinking beer.
Actually I mentioned Papyrus about keskarit, but wasn't sure where it's all happening nowadays since I haven't been there. Apparently it's been going down in Pasila district lately?

But where to find a bike for few weeks if you’re in town?

There are some kind souls renting fixed gear bikes at kuinoma.


Äh, slow again.

Kuinoma doesn’t do much if you don’t speak the language or have local friends. I guess.

Edit: Great Kuinoma! Site in english some day and possibility to rent (if you want) your stuff to tourists (and other short time visitors) in need like this?

The not-much of kuinoma is the only organized thing there is.

If you need to rent a fixed gear from Kuinoma just look at Kuinoma ( with Google Translator and then email kuinoma at kuinoma dot fi. We will then make the reservations and translate agreements etc…

Ecobike rents out “normal” bikes, but no fixies there i am afraid.
(Address: Savilankatu 1 b, Helsinki
Tel: +358400 844358)

Hey guys,
Yesterday I went to Kumiluoti, I met cool fixed people
One of them told me about GreenBikes, I will go there tomorrow.

Today I went to the Helsinki Velodrom, its a really cool pista, but nobody was there.
Someone told me fixed people are often coming in the morning.
I ll try again next wednesday at 9 or 10am, maybe with my rented bike !

yep! come to velodrome somewhere round 10am and I’m pretty sure you’ll find persons from this forum riding there.

Thread “velolle” is place where you can find information about velodrome but it’s in finnish :confused:

You’ll need a helmet to ride at the velodrome.

If you are looking for something else northern than Helsinki, why not come to Oulu. We have very few busses, no tram rails, one of the best cycle path networks in Finland and here people don’t mind you cycling on the footpaths either.

Bicycle Shops:
Special Bike (Facebook), fixed gears, bmx’s etc
Pyörä Suvala (web), large local retailer with two stores and bike rental

Bike rental:
Nallikari Camping (web) bike rental 8e/day

We have occasional alleycat races, we play polo and drink beer. If you need any more information, just give us a shout in the Oulu thread.

Survival map of Oulu for students helps you around.

In addition to the traditional Wednesday gathering in Helsinki, in July and August we will have the Väiski rink reserved for polo purposes every Monday from 6pm to 8pm. Everyone is welcome!

Hey guys !
For those who don’t know me I’ve already made an introduction topic.

I’ll be staying here for 1year and I would like to have the upcommings events detail in English on this thread please !

Thank you !