DZR shoes command from

Hi guys,
I want to spend my money on the Marco’s Bike Polo Shoes from DZR.

The website is European (French), it is mainly about polo:
I negociated free shipping for 2 shoe commands, and if more we will get a discount.
If you want polo articles, they are also available on the website.
Even if the website provides only the 2 Marco models, you can actually command everything from what’s listed on DZR official website.

Delivery would be on end of march.


PS: I put it because no finnish company is distributing DZR.

I’m up for ordering a pair of black Marcos. Do you have any clue on the sizing? Is it about the same as with Vans for instance?

P.S. The Pologenese url showed a blank page for some reason although google has cached the site.

I will buy one pair of those too.
Sizing is just as your normal shoe, I guess.
I have 43 home and that’s what I used to wear, you can try mine if you size the same.

Pologenese worked for me.
try this :

I’d be keen on getting a mallet head, i think others in helsinki might be interested in these?

Do you know if they stock more DZR models than they do on their site (Marco Polo brown & black)

I understood that all DZR models are available to order, even though the site only displays the polo specific model.


I’m vincent from Pologenese

For your question about the other models of DZR, it’s possible to have them. If you are intresting. I can say to you what’s avaible or not. I add some models on in the week.

Sorry for the blank link this night, we just change the skin of the website but everything is ok now.

You can follow us on facebook “pologenese” and twitter @pologenese or suscribe to the newsletter to receveid every informations

I’m her for any questions

I don’t need to do anything anymore guys.
Just ask Vince!
I’ll get the package, that’s it, and I’ll do the order.

Oulu, Tampere & Kokkola can you you confirm that you want (or not) to order with us!
Remember: I will be in Oulu for the birthday of Yksivaihde at least on may.

I’ve handed in my order to Jason. If anyone else needs DZR shoes, this would be a good time to order some.

I’ll make the order soon.
Please tell me if you need anything.

Last call, order delayed, anyone interested by polo gear?