DIY Cycling Caps

Does anyone have a top tip for where in Helsinki to get suitably thick plastic to use in the brim of a cycling cap?

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I have used the see-through plastic lids that you get for example from Asian restaurants when ordering take away. Can be cut to just the right size. I’ve fixed a couple of my cycling cap brims with these.

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Same here. Old plastic folders work well too. (Can of course be bought for dirt cheap if the project needs to be done now…) I have a couple of those see-through lids atm in my plastic recycling basket, if you don’t find a better source.

I used a turkish yogurt pot once and it seemed pretty alright. Soft and pliable enough to be comfortable to wear and easy to work on but also maintains it shape pretty well and springs back if bent

You can buy plastic sheets from Etra by the meter. They take card, you don’t need to have an account. Just figure out from their site which type of plastic you need.

Ive also noticed that ass savers work pretty well as replacement brims. They should last long and be weather resistant.