Custom paintwork for bike frame in Helsinki or other cities?

Moi guys,

I would like to make a plan to repaint for my carbon bike frame.
So that i’m currently looking for special custom paint work places.

According to my google research, around Kerava there is one custom paint place but seems like its mainly for car parts.

So here i would like to listen your experiences from somebody who had similar project as mine.
If you guys have some places to recommend, i would kindly ask you to share the place’s contact information; website, email and so on.

Thanks for read!


Velobia and Hugbikes have deals with local painters.

Contact them for more info.

LT-Studio in Sipoo (+358 40 774 0119) does custom paint for bikes. Maybe the same Kerava place you mention, maybe not. LT-Studio painted the Crackbike. The owner is also a bit of a carbon geek so will know how to treat the frame with all due respect.

Of the bike shops around, I think Classic Bikes also offers painting services.

Thanks a lot guys!

I will contact them! :slight_smile: