2011 Mercier Kilo TT for Sale

I have a black 2011 Mercier (flip flop rear hub) fixed/free bike for sale; bike is only a year old and is in excellent condition. Super fun, durable and versatile fixed gear bike! The frame is made from Reynolds 520 steel. Reynolds makes their 520 steel from Custom Butted, Multishaped and tapered 4130 Chromoly. Custom flat crown Track fork. It has removable front and back breaks, and I put in new white handle bars, steel clips and new crank. Sizing: 50cm - standover of 30.4 inches. For more professional shots, look here: Mercier Kilo TT Bicycle Gallery
Have pics of the actual bike, just email and I will send!

Selling bike for: 400 EUR (price negotiable)
Please email Adriana if interested: age.andujar@gmail.com
(I only speak a bit of Finnish, so spanish or english please!)

Here is available only detail photos. Can you please include a photo of the whole bike.

Biciolli - 22:30, 3.7.2012 »

Here is available only detail photos. Can you please include a photo of the whole bike.


Might be interested, but what’s the story with the 400 € used? Could you take us through what’s been changed/upgraded to justify this asking price. Thanks.

Looks to be 359$ new.

Though on sale, but still.

mutta jos Suomeen haluat niin alv. 23% päälle ja tullia koko fillarista 14,0% ja sitten toki rahdit.

karkeasti siis luokkaa: 286e (359$)+rahti 50e(edullisimmillaan) + alv. 77,3e + tulli 40e = 453,30e

eli siis jos haluaa vertailla tarkkaan tämä tarjouksen kanssa.

^ah en katsonut tarpeeksi tarkkaan, my bad.

Näitä ei tosiaan taida Suomessa kovin montaa olla, kun Euroopassa ei myydä?

Jenkit tätä kyllä kehuu. Hintasekseen hyvä.

Measurements please.

  • Seat tube c-c ?
  • Seat tube c-t ?
  • Top tube c-c ?
Biciolli - 12:21, 4.7.2012 » Measurements please. - Seat tube c-c ? - Seat tube c-t ? - Top tube c-c ?
Sizing: 50cm - standover of 30.4 inches.

Ilmossahan lukee rungon koko 50 cm ja jatkot täältä: Speksit

Edit: ^^ & ^ Hidas olin…

Moi! So this is the story of the Mercier…bought it last year from Zen Bikes in NYC (not on sale), had all the mods/work done by them. Things I changed:

  • Changed standard bullhorn handlebars to white titanium ergo flat handle bars with a slight raise. Also put brand new black grips.
  • Changed the standard crank set to new one to accomodate for a 42/16 ratio. (bike is currently fixed but can be flipped to free).
  • Changed the standard pedals for pedals with metal clip and leather strap.
  • Had them put new 23’’ tires on them and i just replaced the tubes as of two days ago.
  • Had a shimano breaks installed (that can also be removed).

I moved to Helsinki from NYC last year. Brought the Mercier with me, which at that point was 5 months old, rode it for like 1 month here before winter set in and just started riding a month ago. Since then, I decided that I wanted a more upright bike. So, being that I paid $700+ for it (plus tax) and did all the mods to it and it’s in excellent condition, I thought 400 EUR was a fair price. But like I said in the original post, the price is negotiable. It would cost you more to order and ship it from Bikes Direct, plus the 50 cm is sold out in all colours. Here are the pictures requested (sorry! i am not a photographer and took these with my iphone!):


If anyone is still interested or had any more questions, please email at: age.andujar@gmail.com. Kiitos! :slight_smile:

PS: Bike lock pictured on frame is not included and will be taken off!