10-9 Messenger Appreciation Day

BC Hellsinki stands for Bicycle Couriers Hellsinki and the lore goes that ancients messengers in ancient Helsinki decided that they need a bike gang. Nobody really remembers when that happened but it was decided afterwards that it was 1999 and so it was easy to organize 10 years anniversary 2009.

Messenger that were in to that sort of thing was asked to join, back then it meant riding and organizing alleycats.

Patch game came later.
In a certain time there was lots of messengers coming and going and nobody knew who was who and what they were doing so the skull was the anchor to see who’s been in the streets and will stay.

So came the patches.

Roughly it instated that patched person have ridden atleast a year including winter and showed ones face in alleycats (riding or organizing) and of course participated the aftemath.

There have been some quiet years but it seems that there is able youngsters to carry the torch forward fiercly.

Being patched doesn’t really mean nothing unless you put it in use. Which means doing rides, organizing them and being part of the think tank of putting up new races, happenings and such.

Being patched means giving. Giving your best to the rest of the community and enjoying the smiles and happy faces people make on the thing you have gave out. Even if it’s taking an alleycat first timer on ride with you.

Also it means evolving not just repeating things that others have done already. Always look for another angle.

But remember that propably everything is done before you even though you haven’t done it yet so be humble when looking past.

Like said: same stories differend tellers.

After this beautiful day of proper hardcore messenger weather Joni and Sindey are wearing patches.
You have endured and seen things but these are only your first steps. You decide how far you will go and what do you give out.

All Couriers Are Beautiful.

Big Love to messenger past, present and future. Let lights shine and ride safe.