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straps for X shaped pedals

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  • Started 6 months ago by khalilelbadry
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    Hi, I got a fixie bike with X-shaped pedals (check the pic). I am looking for pedal straps for those but so far I found none. Any Idea how to fix this issue ?
    - Thanks


    Lähetetty 22:28, 14.5.2019, 6 months sitten. # Login to Send PM
  2. Leander

    New pedals

    Lähetetty 22:37, 14.5.2019, 6 months sitten. # Login to Send PM
  3. Mull Dundane
    Mull Dundane

    ^ yeah, that's the first and the best answer

    well, maybe it is possible to attach the straps there after some tinkering with some kulmaraudat and nuts and bolts, but I guess those pedals are way too small and clumsy to support foot reliably at all. i suppose you have to be able to slide and twist a sole on a pedal (to some measure), when you use straps.

    tho, it could be fun to build also some kind of platform on those crosses, but, really, don't go there :D

    Lähetetty 23:07, 14.5.2019, 6 months sitten. # Login to Send PM
  4. Kaarle2001

    Have a look at these straps attached to the axle.

    Lähetetty 7:23, 15.5.2019, 6 months sitten. # Login to Send PM

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