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Bicycle Film Festival Tallinn special event - in the evening of 2nd august!

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  1. We're excited to bring the Bicycle Film Festival back to Tallinn for an one evening only special event! Free of admission!

    Before the event we're riding together on the Tour d'ÖÖ Tallinn VII nightride and finishing at Katlaaed for an exciting nighttime outdoor BFF screening and a party at Kuri Karjas.

    The ride starts at 21:00 from Tornide väljak, next to old town.
    The screening kicks off around 22:30 at Katlaaed (Kalasadama 8) and the party just after the screening just next door at Kuri Karjas until wee hours...
    Katlaaed is located just a few hundred meters from Lindaline terminal.

    It's the Estonian premiere of 'Sister Session' film! A movie about BMX girls directed by all-female Estonian crew.

    The film premiered in NYC in June and was received with a roar!

    BFF director Brendt Barbur:
    "The audience cried. They were truly touched and it had a huge roar in the end. Definitely a huge hit. My hair stood on my arms at the Sister Session screening."

    BFF media manager Brean Shea:
    "Congratulations on an incredible movie. The audience was very moved. Many people (mostly women) told me it was their favorite film in the festival."

    Film program for the evening:


    Estonia 2012 | HD 11min.
    Dir. Brett Astrid Võmma, Helen Habakuk & Doris Tääker
    Women’s BMX is a small but tight and growing community, making their way to big competitions around the world. An all female production, this film captures their first time at a major event like Simple Session.

    USA 2011 | HD 4min.
    Dir. Richie Thomassen
    A musical-visual video of a day’s events.

    Japan 2011 | HD 7min.
    Dir. Nobuhiko Tanabe
    A group of young foodies travel as far as necessary for a good bowl of udon.

    USA 2011 | HD 4min.
    Dir. Casey Neistat
    The Neistat Brothers have made a movie for the BFF for many years. This year, Casey dodges obstacles in the bike lane.

    USA 2000 | 16mm 6 min.
    Dir. Tom Schroeder
    James rides his bike 50 miles to see his girlfriend, who dumps him. He rides home.

    USA 2011 | 16mm 13 min.
    Dir. Tom Schroeder
    An animated documentary telling the story of a bicycle race that turns into a love triangle.

    Ghana 2012 | HD 10min.
    Dir. Mikey Hart
    Bikelordz is a film about the self-taught, self-invented bicycle BMX culture which young people in Accra have created and passed on to their younger contemporaries over time. This new edit includes a sneak preview of the HD feature currently in post production, which shows many of the same characters 4 years later still hustling to make their passion their lives.

    Germany 2012 | HD 24min.
    Dir. Bjoern Adelmeier
    A bike messenger gets mixed up with sex, drugs, and troublesome women. This is one of the most well crafted films on the messenger subject matter.

    USA 2012 | HD 8min.
    Dir. Jordan Utley
    Killjoy Rising is a brief window into the most creative BMX crew in the world. The Killjoy crew is notorious for making cult BMX videos that challenge the status quo of their industry. They refuse to look at BMX as a sport but rather a culture.

    USA 2011 | HD 10min.
    Dir. Warren Kommers
    The Los Angeles Marathon is mapped out and closed off the night before, giving riders the chance to race 26.1 miles of Los Angeles streets with no traffic.



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  2. Some moving picture reminders from last years fun!

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  3. I made a map for us: http://goo.gl/maps/cQO1a

    Hotel and boats are booked and paid. See you on Thursday!

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  4. This is going to be fun!

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  5. Tänään ajetaan pirittan velolla myös Eestin mestaruuksista. Ajateltiin mennä sinne ensin ja sit group ride ja bff. Onko muita mestoilla?


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  6. Tour D'öö:ssä oli 760 osallistujaa, joista 7 järjestäjiä. BFF-katsomo oli jo täynnä kun pyöräilijät saapuivat, mutta onneksi ulkoilmateatteri veti kuitenkin lähes koko porukan. Alueella oli myös ghettogrilli, hodarikärry ja bilehalli, jossa olut maksoi 3€ ja jengi bailas dj:n soitellessa. Oli torstai.

    Tässä muutamia kuvia. Joukossa myös omia turistikuvia ja kuvia Eestinmestaruuskisoista Pirittan velolta. Täällä Tour D'öön omat kuvat

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  7. hurjaa miten skene näyttää suurelta. Viimeks taisin vuos sitte olla tallinnassa käymässä ja ekan kaupungilla ajavan fillarin spottaukseen meni reilusti yli tunti. Hienoa kun porukkaa näyttää riittävän ja tapahtumat suosittuja.

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  8. Some photos!


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  9. Photos from the Estonian Track championships, was going on around the same time


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  10. Video!

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